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  • Run Sac Series - FOO Team Info

    …2017 Run Sac Series Info   2016 Run Sac Series - Final Standings    Women Men


    …Honesty is most important on this form.  This isn't an attempt to impress anyone.   I just need it as accurate as possible to assess where you are at in your training. Coach, Chad W…

  • Group Training Schedule Introduction

    …I put together these plans with a few things in mind. So please read through the following list before starting on one of the training plans. 1. These training plans were put together with specific in…

  • Coach Kurt

    …ASSISTANT COACH KURT MELLICK Coach Kurt has been involved in athletics and running since elementary school and began seriously competing in Track and Field in High School in 1981. He began as a sprint…

  • Coach Chad

    …COACH CHAD WORTHENUSATF LEVEL 2 COACH Coach Chad began seriously competing in Track and Field his sophomore year at Roseville High School. Starting out as a sprinter he didn’t too much succe…

  • Weekly Workouts

    …Tuesday Group WorkoutsEvery Tuesday night Fleet Feet Racing members meet for Interval, Threshold, and other quality workouts. These workouts are designed to prepare our athletes for races from the 5K t…

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  • Grand Prix

    …FLEET FEET RACING - INTRASQUAD GRAND PRIX Final 2017 STANDINGS Do you have questions about your Grand Prix points? Please e-mail Kurt Mellick ( with your questions.…

  • Records

    …TEAM RECORDSTeam records are recognized from USATF Certified Courses only (excludes Ultra distance events).  Each distance displays the Top 10 performances by a Fleet Feet Racing members in 5-year…

  • Membership

    …2018 MEMBERSHIPS ARE OPEN FOR APPLICATIONFleet Feet Racing Sacramento is an adult running team for dedicated racers who believe in and act as ambassadors of Fleet Feet Sacramento’s mission t…

  • Resources

    …One area that the Fleet Feet Racing team concentrates on is education.   Coach Chad doesn't just tell you what to do and expect you to do it, he wants you to understand your training and racing. &…

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