Fleet Feet Racing Sacramento is an adult running team for dedicated racers. Our goal is to help each team member maximize their ability with a year-round training regimen that focuses on local and regional races. In addition, team members promote and support the store and team sponsors, demonstrate good sportsmanship, and give back to the running community through volunteering and charitable activities.

Still space available for FLEET FEET RACING 2017!
Don't miss your chance to Train & Race in ORANGE !
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New & Returning Members for 2017

  • Anne Amador
  • Kristen Anderson - Welcome Back!
  • Greg Anderson
  • Robert Au
  • Colin Barr
  • Andrea Brizendine
  • Amber Bunyard
  • Anne Cushman
  • Rodney Dorsey - Welcome Back!
  • Adrian Emerl - Welcome Back!
  • Josh Fernandez
  • Ryan Freeman
  • Brian Geiszler
  • Allison Henderson - Welcome Back!
  • Erynne Jones
  • Scout Judd
  • Adam McLearan
  • Carmen Micsa
  • Marty Mooney-Conkel
  • Bianca Morales
  • Megan Morris
  • Stephanie Piazza
  • Robert Ressl-Moyer
  • Traci Vanoncini
  • Paula Villadelgado
  • Reginald White
  • Peter Williams
  • Deirdre Wilson