Group Training Schedule Introduction

I put together these plans with a few things in mind. So please read through the following list before starting on one of the training plans.

1. These training plans were put together with specific individuals in mind. They are built for the team members that filled out the questionnaire. If you have not filled out a questionnaire and you would like to receive coaching please fill this out (LINK TO QUESTIONNAIRE) and e-mail it to me.

2. These training schedules are written with the assumption that you have already been running consistently for a few weeks. If that is not the case please let me know and we can work something out to get you up to speed. Please don't jump into a schedule you aren't ready for.

3. Another assumption I am making when assigning you to a group is that you are not injured. If you are please let me know and we can adjust things.

4. I have placed each team member interested in coaching into a group based on current race results. If more current race results or any other factors dictate I will move you into another group.

5. These training schedules are not written in stone. I understand that we are all adults and have very full lives. If days need to be moved around because of available time or upcoming races then that's fine. If you need help restructuring part of the schedule please let me know.

6. At the end of each week please e-mail me an update of how your week went. This will allow me to make any needed adjustments.

7. These schedules have ranges. They are built for group training so they aren't the exact numbers for mileage, reps, or paces. They are ranges. For example it might say 30 minutes cross training or 8 easy. This doesn't mean you have to do one or another. It's a range from zero running (just cross training) to 8 miles easy running. It would vary depending on your mileage goal for the week and if you are in the Short, Medium, or Long group. See below for where you belong in the ranges. If you have any additional questions about where you belong in the ranges please let me know. I have setup a pace for you for a reason. Please don't try to run faster then those paces because then it's a race. If your pace seems too easy for you please let me know and I will take a look at it.

8. Several spots on the schedules say "easy". This is just comfortable running. It's a pace at which you could hold a conversation with someone running next to you. If you are out of breath you are running too hard and you won't get the benefits from the run.

9. For those that don't run 7 days a week. In some spots on the schedule I have indicated cross training. This can be anything cardio such as: cycling, swimming, pool running, rowing, etc.

10. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for the training schedule that I have laid out for you please let me know. The best way to reach me is via e-mail at I am here to help you succeed so please don't be afraid to contact me. A good chunk of my coaching is going to be communication and working together with you.