Team Application

By completing and submitting this application you are not guaranteed a spot on the Fleet Feet Racing Team. If approved for membership, you will be emailed a link to online registration. All registrations and payments are processed online.

2017 Membership Requirements
To be invited to join/renew the team for 2017, prospective members must meet the following criteria:

- Reside in the Sacramento area--defined as a 50-mile radius of the Fleet Feet J Street location.
- Participate in local road races. We recognize that each member has a specific set of running goals that may direct them to a variety of races. However, visibility in Sacramento-area races is an important role for members. If you don’t plan to race locally, please don’t apply.
- Commit to be active in Fleet Feet Racing practices, races and social events.
- Volunteer with fellow team members in key local events as your schedule allows but a minimum of three events per year.
- Agree to the terms and conditions of the Member Code of Conduct below.

Fleet Feet Racing Team Member Code of Conduct

- Professional and Appropriate Representation of Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento and all team sponsors. Here’s what that means:
- At races, wear only approved team singlets and shorts, practice shirts or warm-ups. Race only in approved shoes. In addition, wear only approved team gear and shoes at race functions, such as awards ceremonies.
- You may train in any shoe. We do encourage you to take advantage of the team discount on sponsor training shoes.
- If you have any questions about gear, please contact team administration before you wear it to a race.
- Be respectful to all teammates and opponents. Acknowledge the accomplishments and efforts of others.
- Choose your words carefully! Refrain from talking negatively about other team members, other teams or the store at practice, in races, and on Internet chat rooms or blogs (even anonymously).
- If you have a disagreement with a teammate, solve it immediately and face-to-face.
- Encourage all athletes, teammates and opponents to excel.
- Whenever possible, be charitable and give back to the running community by volunteering or other activities.

2017 Membership Dues
New Member & Renewing Membership Dues for Calendar Year 2016: $150

Complete & Submit Form Below
Chad Worthen, Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento

Upon approval, Chad will contact you by e-mail with the membership registration link. All team memberships and payments are processed online.